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Take a look at TabStart's curated collection of online resources that will help business employees craft the perfect farewell message upon their departure from a company. While any worker is sure to be excited about beginning a new chapter of his or her professional life, it is imperative that an employee leave a company having expressed gratitude for the years spent there. Employees should be honest, warm, and thoughtful as they recall the memorable events and special friendships that they have experienced over the years.

Employee Leaving - Farewell Message

These resources offer ideas, tips, and hints for crafting a gracious, thoughtful farewell message to employees, colleagues, and bosses.

Poetry and Quotations to Include in a Business Farewell Message

Use the websites below to find famous quotations and lines of poetry that would be ideal to include in your farewell message.

Famous Farewell Speeches

Find inspiration from some of these famous farewell speeches, and learn how to deliver your own well-written farewell message that is heartfelt and passionate.