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Bat and Bar Mitzvahs celebrate a young girl or boy's maturation into adulthood, and it signifies a time in their life when they become responsible for their existence as Jewish men and women. Of course, this is an emotional time for parents, family members, and the newly-minted adults, themselves, and so it can be difficult to draft the perfect Bat or Bar Mitzvah speech that highlights both the religious momentousness of the day as well as the personal achievements that led to it. Take a look at TabStart's curated collection of the best online resources that offer sample Bat and Bar Mitzvah speeches for parents and children. Here you will find text to real speeches, websites that provide relevant quotations and poetry, and guides that will help you pen a loving, gracious speech.

Sample Bat Mitzvah Speeches

Browse text from actual or sample Bat and Bar Mitzvah speeches from girls and boys, their parents, and siblings.

Inspiring Quotes to Include in a Bat Mitzvah Speech

These resources offer quotations and poetry to pepper into your speech. The contemplative words in these quotations and poems explore Judaism and coming of age.

Tools to Help you Write a Bat Mitzvah Speech

These pages guide you through the process of drafting your own Bat or Bar Mitzvah speech from the opening comments to the conclusion.