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This TabStart page presents a curated collection of the best wedding websites that feature centerpieces that use feathers. Peacock feathers, ostrich feathers, or feathers mixed with flowers can make for a truly original look at your wedding reception tables. Surely, centerpieces that use flowers are tried and true, but, if you're seeking a slightly different decor that speaks to your sense of whimsy and glamor, centerpieces using feathers could be just the ticket for you.

Centerpieces Using Feathers

These pages offer a variety of looks for centerpieces that use feathers or a combination of feathers and flowers.

Centerpieces Using Ostrich Feathers

Feathers, specifically ostrich feathers, can give any wedding centerpiece a fabulous air of glamor.

Centerpieces Using Bird-Inspired Elements

Using elements from nature can bring an air of care-free whimsy to your wedding. Check out these centerpieces that are bird inspired without using feathers.