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The inspiration for this collection of resources for parents on the college admissions process is a new book aptly titled "Crazy U." Andrew Ferguson's personal and often humorous account of the ever-increasing insanity of the college admissions process is a reminder for parents that as much as you work to ready your son or daughter for this next stage in life, you too need to be ready. Here are some websites that can help, along with links to reviews and interviews with Andrew Ferguson, where you can glean the insights of a parent in the process.

Resources for Parents on the College Admissions Process

Books for Parents of College-Bound Kids

College Admissions Blogs

College Admissions Process in the News

Additional College Admissions Resources

College Admissions Videos

"Crazy U" - The Book

Reviews of "Crazy U"

Interviews with "Crazy U" Author Andrew Ferguson

Online Resources for Financial Aid and Scholarships