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This TabStart page provides a curated collection of the best online resources that explain the characteristics of mentally healthy people. From the Office of the Surgeon General to the Mayo Clinic, this TabStart page has scoured the web to offer you the very best information to educate yourself about normal mental health as well as mental illness. There are resources below where you can learn a great deal about the signs and symptoms of mental health disorders and how they can be effectively treated. Also included here are a number of websites for national organizations that promote the understanding and awareness of mental health disorders and raise money to find cures.

Characteristics of Mentally Healthy People

The sites below provide lists of characteristics that are attributed to mentally healthy people.

Understanding Mental Health Disorders

These resources offer medical information on mental health disorders and their treatments.

Organizations That Promote Mental Health

These national organizations are dedicated to curing mental illnesses, fighting stigmas associated with them, and providing awareness.